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Robocallers and Scammers are Abusing YOUR Phone.

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The estimates are over 4 BILLION robocalls a month and $430 per scam victim! Yahoo article
Many people are turning off their home phones to stop the insanity and relentless calls.

While this is a good solution for some, others need a home phone for a variety of reasons including:

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The problem is the enormous number of calls people receive that are trying to get money. Popular examples include:

There are a number of solutions for cell phones but solutions for home phones or "landlines" are less available and less successful. Nearly all home phone soltutions allow you to block a number one at a time using various methods. Blocking a single number that called you works great if it is a local person or business that you do not want to talk to, but fails miserably against the onslaught of robocallers using a large collection of numbers from around the country.

For example I received 5 auto warranty calls in 1 day on 2 different phones (one landline and one cell). The ones that got to the cell were not previously blocked by me or identified by the spam caller software on my cell- so there could have been more calls to the cell! The phone numbers were:

5 calls, 5 area codes in less than 5 hours for just me! During the same time I also received 2 calls about lowering my credit card interest rate. I am very popular and obviously lucky to have these people looking out for me and my best interest so diligently. (right)

Manually blocking these numbers would likely be useless since they will just use another number (fake or real) or block caller ID snd keep on going.

Political calls are another acute issue. A number of those come from area code 202 (Washington, DC). It would be great if I eliminated all calls from that area code.

The obvious problems drove me to develop a device and application to stop most of these callers for "landlines" based on caller ID. In the US caller ID information is delivered between the first and second ring burst and it can hang up on callers after that first ring and save you and your answering machine all the headaches of the robocallers.

The RoboCallWall has the following features when connected to your phone and internet (wired or wireless):

There are devices that come with a small list of robocaller numbers built-in and you can add numbers manually after they call and you answer.

You could have thousands of phone numbers you entered or want to block but it is not necessary- RoboCallWall uses the power of the Internet masses to block calls from millions of known robocaller numbers- all you do is set it up at your house! This list is dynamic and grows daily as the robocallers use new numbers constantly.

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